T@CST’s ‘Laser arrays, LiDar and LiFi technology’ forum, sponsored by CST Global, was a resounding success.

29 May 2019

CST Global’s second T@CST forum, focused on the commercialization of ‘Laser arrays, LiDar and LiFi technology’, was a resounding success. The event was held at the ultra-modern University of the West of Scotland facility in Hamilton, Glasgow, on 16th May 2019, close by CST Global’s production facility. Over seventy invited guests, including academics, engineers, industrialists, politicians, funding organizations and the press, were present.

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Euan Livingston, VP Sales and Marketing at CST Global, said, “The collective expertise of the T@CST guests helped to establish the most critical, enabling factors necessary for continued commercialization of Laser arrays, LiDar and LiFi technologies. These constitute some of the fastest growing technology sectors within the photonics and III-V compound semiconductor markets. They are driven by rapidly-expanding, real-life applications in autonomous vehicles, transportation, atomic clocks, data comms and sensing.”

Euan Livingston introduced the event with a summary of the immense market and commercial opportunity presented by Laser arrays, LiDar and LiFi technologies. Dr. Iain Eddie, Senior Device Development Engineer, at CST Global, summarized each of the technologies, exploring typical applications and likely volumes. Guest speakers included Jim Haynes of Rockley Photonics who looked at production factors; Dr. Alastair McInroy of Technology Scotland who considered mobility strategies; Chris Tate of Pure LiFi who summarized LiFi technology and its applications; Dr Ole Kock of Teledyne e2v who looked at the commercial considerations of producing compact atomic clocks; and Mark Western of Scottish Enterprise who covered funding in the sector.

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