Jim and Nelly Stokes trip to the Emmanuel Favoured Children’s Centre orphanage in Kamulu was a great success.

06 December 2018

CST Global Sub Contract Engineer, Jim Stokes and his wife Nelly, have been giving charitable support to the Emmanuel Favoured Children’s Centre in Kamulu, near Nairobi in Kenya, for some time.

In August, they sent out 11 supply boxes by sea freight containing duvets, pillows, sheets, socks, underwear, toiletries and sweets, weighing a staggering 412Kgs. In addition, three smaller boxes containing colouring pens, pencils, tooth brushes and tooth paste were also sent by air freight.

Jim and Nelly travelled to Nairobi in August to receive the shipments and deliver them. The Centre is home to 60 children between the ages of 12 months to 18 years, orphaned by HIV / AIDs. Jim also made bulk purchases of sugar, rice, maize, flour and cooking oil for the Centre, whilst out in Kenya. These were bought using a bulk-food fund totaling £1,545, made up of donations from CST Global staff, Nelly Stokes’ colleagues at Glasgow City Council and Jim and Nelly’s Church.

Jim Stokes added, “Whilst at the Centre, I asked the manager what her biggest challenge was, anticipating she would say paying for food for the children or electricity bills. In fact, her answer was ‘school fees’, as education in Kenya is not free. At that time, she owed 60,000 Kenya Shillings in fees, which is about £460. We were able to clear the debt using the remainder of the bulk food donation fund. This was a massive relief for her, which was quite emotional, and a humbling experience for Nelly and I.

“We can’t begin to say how grateful we are to everyone who has donated.”

CST Global is pleased to support Jim and Nelly Stokes in this excellent cause and is also pleased to confirm their safe return from Kenya.

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