Dr. Thomas Slight of CST Global will guest present at Photonics West on blue laser diode progress for atomic clocks.

31 January 2019

Dr. Thomas Slight, Research Engineer at CST Global, will be a guest presenter at SPIE Photonics West (PW) in California, in February. It is the largest, technical conference and exhibition for the photonics industry in the world.

Thomas’s paper, “Recent progress in distributed feedback, InGaN/GaN laser diodes”, provides an update on the government-funded CoolBlue projects. Led by Thomas, these projects use next-generation, Gallium Nitride (GaN), laser diodes for quantum sensing systems like atomic clocks.

Thomas explains, “I will use Photonics West to provide an update on the next-generation, GaN, DFB lasers we are developing for ultra-cooling Strontium ions, for use in quantum clocks. I will confirm that a single wavelength, 422nm GaN, DFB laser has now been successfully produced. This is the optimal wavelength for ultra-cooling, Strontium ions and represents a significant breakthrough in the project.

“The CoolBlue laser diode source is more powerful, smaller and easier to make than conventional, quantum clock sources. This makes it increasingly feasible to transform quantum sensors from ‘laboratory instruments’ into miniaturised, robust systems, for a wide range of commercial applications.”

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