CST Global’s Q-GaN project enables worldwide quantum and telecoms commercialization opportunities.

09 October 2020

Quantum-GaN is a project to develop visible light, laser diode sources suitable for quantum sensing and specialised telecommunications applications. It is funded by Eurostars to the value of €947,040, split between CST Global at €447,040 and project partner, TopGaN Ltd Poland.

The prime quantum application for the Q-GaN laser technology is in atomic clocks, helping to ensure accurate GPS coverage, when satellite connections are weak or lost. Transport industries will benefit first, however, within 15 years, the technology is expected to be miniaturised for smartphones and smartwatches, opening up a wide range of consumer applications. Q-GaN’s prime telecoms application is to improve the timing and sychronisation of optical data transmission, with real-world deployments coming much sooner.

Billy McLaughlin, CST Global MD, said, “CST Global has successfully commercialized high-frequency, narrow linewidth, DFB laser diodes in terms of size and volume. However, they have not been produced for visible light applications, between 390nm to 520nm, where GaN (Gallium Nitride) technology is more typically used. The Q-GaN project combines CST Global’s DFB laser expertise with TopGaN’s Gallium Nitride expertise to develop a visible light, laser source in the 42x nm spectrum.

“This spectrum has been chosen deliberately because it has a wide range of potential markets and commercialization opportunities. For this reason, we expect the Q-GaN laser to become a critical component in a wide range of industries and high growth markets, creating many new business opportunities that could not be achieved with existing technologies.”

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