CST Global’s new Automatic Visual Inspection machine processes 500,000 laser chips per month.

17 August 2018

CST Global has successfully installed and commissioned an Opto Systems VVSP4000, automatic pick and place, visual inspection machine in its fabrication facility in Blantyre, Glasgow. The machine performs a visual inspection of both the top side and facets of laser diode chips.

Graeme Masterton, Operations Manager at CST Global, explains, “The Automatic pick and place, visual inspection machine increases our inspection capacity in line with other production processes and is fed from our recently commissioned, automatic bar stacker and automatic scribe and break machines.

“The automatic VI machine picks the singulated laser bars from tape, sorting out the working DFB laser chips on each bar, before placing them back on either tape or gel pack. The current Takt time (process time) is 4.5s per laser chip, meaning our automatic inspection capability increases our test capacity by over 500,000 laser chips per month.

“The Automatic VI machine will recognize the laser ID number, with an option to record an image of each laser for reference. The process is repeatable and totally consistent, with a full audit trail. We can also track wafer batch quality, working with our key suppliers to help increase yield if required.”

CST Global is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Sivers IMA Holdings AB.

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