CST Global’s import and export tariffs will remain the same after Brexit.

31 July 2019

CST Global will experience no changes to its import or export tariffs, irrespective of whether the Brexit outcome is a “Withdrawal Agreement”, “No-Deal”, or “No Brexit.”

The laser-based products which CST Global produce are categorized by the Harmonised Commodity Code (HCC) 85 41401000. The wafer-based products, used to make the lasers, are categorized as HCC 3818 0090 00. Both codes are zero percentage rated for imports from and exports to the EU, US, Israel and Hong Kong, from a ‘Third Country’, which the UK will become after Brexit. When CST Global exports to the Peoples Republic of China (PRC), existing tariffs will remain. These are paid by CST Global customers to the Chinese government.

The UK government has stated that in the event of a “No-Deal” Brexit, current tariffs will remain for at least twelve months. Should any new tariff structures be applied after twelve months, we will communicate them as soon as we are aware.


Harmonised Commodity Codes and descriptions:

  • HCC 8541 4010 00 Light-emitting diodes (LED) including laser diodes.
  • HCC 3818 0090 Chemical elements doped for use in electronics, in the form of discs, wafers or similar forms.


  • EU - import / export CST Global 0%
  • US - import / export CST Global 0%
  • Israel - import / export CST Global 0%
  • Hong Kong - import / export CST Global 0%
  • Peoples Republic of China - import to CST Global N/A / export to PRC Tariff applies (paid by customer).

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