CST Global’s article on GaN lasers makes front cover of Compound Semiconductor magazine

29 May 2018

CST Global is pleased to confirm that its article, “Shrinking atomic clocks with GaN lasers – etching deep, lateral gratings in GaN lasers equips these sources with the credentials to target atomic clocks”, has made the front cover of the current Compound Semiconductor magazine, volume 24, issue III. The article, attributed to Dr Thomas Slight, Research Engineer at CST Global, is based on his findings as part of the government-funded, research project, “Quantum Cooling using Mode Controlled Blue Lasers” project, or “CoolBlue” as it is known.

Dr Thomas Slight said:

The CoolBlue project is focused on developing next generation, GaN laser technology for use in atomic-cooled, quantum sensors. Traditional laser sources have proven too complex and inefficient to produce commercially, in this type of application. However, direct blue laser diode sources offer increased power and simplicity, with the opportunity to miniaturize quantum sensor formats and produce them in a robust design.

The team at CST Global, the University of Glasgow, TopGaN Lasers and Aston University has now revealed, as part of CoolBlue, that a commercially-viable, single wavelength, GaN laser diode, for atomic-cooled, quantum sensors is achievable.

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