CST Global supports the Innovate UK, Emerging Technologies Showcase on Compound Semiconductor technologies.

09 January 2019

CST Global was pleased to support the Emerging Technologies Showcase on Compound Semiconductor technologies, organized by Innovate UK’s Knowledge Transfer Network (KTN). The showcase profiled new and emerging, compound semiconductor technologies from UK universities and industrial partners involved in Innovate UK-funded, consortium, research projects.

“The showcase identifies emerging, compound semiconductor technologies with commercial, societal or environmental benefits,” explains Andrew McKee, Technical Director at CST Global. “Industrial and end user collaborations are facilitated, expediting the development of new products and services and identifying many grant-funding opportunities.

“CST Global is currently an active member in ten UK and European, Technology Consortium Programmes, with over twenty industrial and academic partners. CST Global brings expertise in device development, fabrication and process improvement, as well as extensive experience of taking low technology readiness level (TRL), III-V compound semiconductors into commercial applications.”

CST Global’s current collaborative projects include MacV, producing miniaturised atomic clocks with VSCELs; Super8, developing high speed transceiver platforms; CoolBlue2, focused on short wavelength quantum light sources; and MIRAGE, targeting mid-infrared photonic components for sensing. Potential applications span the telecoms, industrial, defense and healthcare markets.

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