CST Global supported the EPIC AGM with a factory tour, workshop, keynote address, civic reception and gala dinner.

09 May 2019

CST Global was pleased to support the European Photonics Industry Consortium (EPIC) AGM and conference, held in Glasgow from the 9th to 12th April. EPIC is the industry association responsible for maintaining the largest, active, network of photonics companies in Europe. It has almost 450 members spanning many industry sectors. Each year, the AGM has been hosted in different cities across Europe and this time it was the turn of Glasgow to do the honours.

Neil Martin, CEO at CST Global said, “CST Global was actively involved with the EPIC AGM and conference all week. We welcomed twenty three EPIC members to our manufacturing facility in Blantyre, Glasgow, for a factory tour; we ran one of the six technology workshop sessions available to members; and we had staff attend the SOA Civic Reception and EPIC Gala dinner. I also gave a keynote address to senior EPIC members on the final day.”

“CST Global’s Technology Workshop Session was entitled ‘InP-based Laser Sources for High Speed Optical Communications’ and was very well attended. We used the session to investigate how the roll out of services like cloud computing, mobile internet usage and the IoT is fueling significant demand for high-speed data-centre and telecommunications hardware worldwide. Market growth is being driven by short-haul link capacity, enabled by direct, modulated, high-speed, InP-based, semiconductor laser sources. As data rates exceed 100G, demand is expected to grow for high-power, CW InP-based, semiconductor laser sources built into silicon-photonic, PIC-based products. Typical applications include PON, 4G and 5G wireless infrastructures and data-centre inter-connections.”

Neil Martin, Andrew McKee, Susannah Heck, Alastair Wilson, Adam McKenzie and Kyle Kennedy of CST Global all attended the EPIC AGM and conference.

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