CST Global receives £277k to develop Quantum Magnetometers for billion-pound, corrosion detection markets.

02 November 2020

CST Global has received £277k of Innovate UK, government funding, for its part in the MAG-V, Quantum Atomic Magnetometer project. The MAG-V project will develop the world's first, commercial, Quantum Atomic Magnetometer – a device which detects micro-defects in ferrous metal surfaces. These defects are not usually visible to the human eye and can be hidden underground or behind protective or insulating coatings.

The Quantum Atomic Magnetometer is aimed at non-intrusive, corrosion detection - a market valued by the Oil and Gas Technology Centre* at £4 trillion annually in saved downtime and repairs. Non-Destructive Testing, valued at £7billion annually by Markets and Markets**, will also be targeted, followed by quality control in the steel industry and the accurate location of underground transmission lines, gas and water pipes for maintenance by utilities companies.

CST Global project lead, Iain Eddie, said, “The Quantum Atomic Magnetometer senses tiny changes in surface structures from the interaction between alkali-metal atoms and an external magnetic field. The MAG-V project brings together substantial research on quantum magnetometers, enabled and commercialised through our established VCSEL (Vertical cavity surface emitting laser) technology and existing supply chain partners.”

The total MAG-V project (Enabling Volume Quantum Magnetometer Applications through Component Optimisation & System Miniaturisation) fund is worth £1.9M, split between CST Global and project partners CSC, Cardiff University, INEX Microtechnology, National Physical Laboratory (NPL) and the University of Nottingham.

*Oil and Gas Technology Centre states the non-intrusive corrosion detection market is valued at £4 trillion globally : More...
**Markets and Markets values the Non-Destructive Test (NDT) market at $12.6bn by 2024 : More...

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