CST Global profiles ‘CoolBlue’ and ‘MacV’ quantum technology projects at Photonics West.

26 January 2018

CST Global is exhibiting at Photonics West, the largest technical conference and exhibition for the photonics, laser and biomedical optics industries in the world. Not only will CST Global be promoting its III-V opto-electronic, semi-conductor foundry services at the exhibition, but it will also be providing an update on two of its government-funded, next-generation, quantum technology development projects.

The first, government-funded project is ‘CoolBlue’. Researchers are developing next-generation, DFB GaN laser diodes for quantum sensing systems. This will receive high-profile coverage, when Dr. Thomas Slight presents his paper on the projects’ findings at the exhibition conference. The second project is ‘MacV’, ‘VCSELs for miniature atomic clocks’. The project is developing a commercially viable, mass-produced, CPT (coherent population trapping) – based, miniature, quantum atomic clock. These are for submarine or military applications, where a GPS signal is not available. MacV is extremely relevant to attendees and has many other potential market applications.

Dr. Iain Eddie, Research Engineer and MacV project leader at CST Global, explains, “CPT-based, miniature atomic clocks require extremely stable, single mode laser diodes for direct modulation at the resonance frequency of the gas cell. The MacV VCSELs (Vertical Cavity Surface Emitting Lasers) will provide low power consumption, stable wavelength, high reliability and a small footprint. A volume produced VCSEL source with these specific characteristics is not currently manufactured in the UK and there are potential applications for a chip scale atomic clocks worldwide. This gives the MacV project participants, and the UK, a strategic and commercial opportunity in the emerging atomic clock market.”

The MacV project budget is £1,234,392, with a government funding contribution of £705,287. CST Global is a participant member of the project and will receive £202,056. Cardiff University and NPL Management Limited are also participant members, with Compound Semiconductor Centre Ltd, Cardiff, as lead participant.

The MacV project has run since March 2017 and runs until February 2019.

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