Wafer Fabrication

Photo EVG-620 Contact aligner (up to 4")
Ultratech UT-1700 stepper (x1) (3" or 4")
Dielectric STS PECVD SiO2 (up to 4")
Nordiko 2550 Sputter SiN (up to 4")
Etch STS Multiplex ICP (BCl3/Cl2 chemistry) (up to 4")
STS RIE (BCl3 chemistry) (up to 4")
STS RIE Dielectric Dry Etch (CHF3 chemistry) (up to 4")
STS RIE Metal Etch (up to 4")
Various wet etch processes (up to 4")
Metal Nordiko 2500 Sputter (up to 4")
Plating Au-plate, Ag-plate (up to 4")
Polishing Logitech system (up to 4")
Thermal Matteson RTA (up to 4")
Hitech Steam oxidation furnace (up to 4")
Metrology Extensive (including SEM) (up to 4")

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