MOCVD Aixtron 2400 (7 x 3" or 3 x 4"). InP materials growth. Processes are under development.
MBE Veeco Gen-2 (1 x 3"). GaAs / AlGaAs base epi and InP regrowth.

Facet Coating

Cleave 2 x Loomis, Opto Systems scriber, breaker and auto-loader.
Coat Leybold APS-1104 Plasma assisted e-beam evaporation.
Nordiko 2550 Sputter.
Leybold L560 Ion-assisted e-beam evaporation.
Metrology Various


Diebond EDB80 AuSn eutectic die attach (+/- 10um placement accuracy), 40 units / hr capacity
Fineplacer AuSn eutectic die attach (+/- 2um placement accuracy), 10 units / hr capacity
Tresky Epoxy die attach (+/- 10um placement accuracy)
Wirebond K & S Au ballbond wire attach
K & S Au wedge/ribbon bonder
Shear/pull Test Dage

Wafer Fabrication

Photo EVG-620 Contact aligner (up to 4")
Ultratech UT-1700 stepper (x1) (3" or 4")
Dielectric STS PECVD SiO2 (up to 4")
Nordiko 2550 Sputter SiN (up to 4")
Etch STS Multiplex ICP (BCl3/Cl2 chemistry) (up to 4")
STS RIE (BCl3 chemistry) (up to 4")
STS RIE Dielectric Dry Etch (CHF3 chemistry) (up to 4")
STS RIE Metal Etch (up to 4")
Various wet etch processes (up to 4")
Metal Nordiko 2500 Sputter (up to 4")
Plating Au-plate, Ag-plate (up to 4")
Polishing Logitech system (up to 4")
Thermal Matteson RTA (up to 4")
Hitech Steam oxidation furnace (up to 4")
Metrology Extensive (including SEM) (up to 4")

Test / Reliability

Bartest X5 LIV spectral testing of edge-emitters (4secs/chip for LIV + 2xOSA)
Sub-mount Test Various auto test stations up to 85°C for a range of sub-mounts with detailed spectral analysis capability.
Farfield Auto wafer-scale testing of IV - Up to 4"
SOA Test Sophisticated characterisation of SOA-style devices
Wafer Probe Auto wafer-scale testing of IV - Up to 4"
Burnin Various ovens up to 150C. Unmonitored ACC drive control - Used for longterm reliability/ageing studies.
High Speed Testing 10G-40G test capability available through collaboration with G.U. eg S21, RIN.

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