CST Global is an independent, volume-producer of III-V compound semiconductors for the fabrication of photonics products.

CST Global provides both a custom foundry service, as well as a range of high-volume, standard laser products for the optical communications markets. We are an active partner in the UK and European, Technology Consortium Programme.

We work with leading companies around the world in the Telecommunications, PON, Industrial, Defence and Healthcare markets.

About Us

Technology Capability

Custom Solutions

CST Global has developed a unique, pre-qualified process library, associated with each platform. This allows us to produce products to market requirements (such as Telecordia), reducing risk and lead-times for our customers.

Foundry Solutions

CST Global is an ISO-certified and fully compliant foundry. We currently employ 68 staff in chip fabrication at our facility in Hamilton, Glasgow. We have an ongoing, active research and development programmes in various technology areas.

Brexit Tariffs

CST Global will experience no changes to its import or export tariffs, irrespective of whether the Brexit outcome is a “Withdrawal Agreement”, “No-Deal”, or “No Brexit.”

The laser-based products which CST Global produce are categorized by the Harmonised Commodity Code (HCC) 85 41401000. The wafer-based products, used to make the lasers, are categorized as HCC 3818 0090 00. Both codes are zero percentage rated for imports from and exports to the EU, US, Israel and Hong Kong, from a ‘Third Country’, which the UK will become after Brexit. When CST Global exports to the Peoples Republic of China (PRC), existing tariffs will remain. These are paid by CST Global customers to the Chinese government.

The UK government has stated that in the event of a “No-Deal” Brexit, current tariffs will remain for at least twelve months. Should any new tariff structures be applied after twelve months, we will communicate them as soon as we are aware.


CST Global's lasers and wafers are categorised by the following HCC codes:

  • HCC 8541 4010 00 - Light-emitting diodes (LED) including laser diodes.
  • HCC 3818 0090 - Chemical elements doped for use in electronics, in the form of discs, wafers or similar forms.

Tariffs are zero percent rated (0%) for CST Global when importing from and exporting to the EU, US, Israel and Hong Kong. When CST Global exports to the PRC, existing tariffs will remain. These are paid by CST Global customers to the Chinese government.


ISO 9001 : 2015

CST Global has been ISO 9001 certified since 2002.

ITU GR 468

Qualification testing facilities. The international standard for Laser devices for Telecom systems (requiring 5000 hour life testing under stressed conditions).


Qualification on 1310nm and 1550nm devices.

ISO 14644-1

ISO 14644-1 class 4 clean room conformance.



Established as a III-V incubator company, spun from Glasgow and Strathclyde Universities.


Funding secured to become private sector owned. Established as first Foundry Service provider in the UK.


Second round funding to expand manufacturing.


Acquisition of Intense UK with 20,000 square feet clean room facilities and 2", 3" and 4" wafer capabilities.


Acquisition of Kamelian manufacturing facilities.


Year-on-year growth: 15%. Staff head count: 68.

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